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Who We Are

BigAbility is a full service marketing and brand builder shop intended to help grow small/urban based businesses through deriving the natural benefits of social media and community awareness! We were crafted in May 2015 under the premise that creativity has no structure.

Here at BigAbility WE like to say, “Creativity has no Structure”. If we can dream it or imagine it we can produce it.

You guessed it; our work will take over every platform from television, web, mobile and print, to brand launches, product reinvigoration, social campaigns & non-profit work to establishing the new. Our logic is simple: Innovate. Push. Transform. Create.


Your business, your product, and you, yourself, is a brand.
Here’s what we can do for you:

Industry Homework
Not everyone likes to conduct complete analysis of the world they live in, we get it. Let the engines at BIGABILITY churn out reports of your industry. Positioning you to the forefront of your world is our goal.

Brand (RE) Invigoration
Whether you are an up and comer or the top player in the game, we engage with a high level of energy. We are in the game to build you from the beginning or breathe fresh air into your existing brand.

Brand Face
Who is your brand talking to, what is your brand and how can we be bold enough to disrupt the landscape? We are naïve enough to believe wrapping you in your own unique finishing will welcome all of your fans.


A video montage illustrating one of society's more prominent issues. The participants in the video vary in race, religion and nationality. We captured the majority of all of these great people from Baltimore and NY.


Did you see something that you enjoyed on TV and asked yourself how you can put something even more interesting on TV? Look no further than BigAbility, we are the chief consultants for interesting.

BigAbility believes in big images in key places. Whether it’s that billboard in the sky that you see from the highway, the poster on some of your favorite buildings, or fliers, we can do that for you. If you need a voice to back up your image, let us get with our guys at radio and put something catchy together for you. It’s the least we can do.

Mobile & Web
Lets face it, we are no longer in the stone age. Actually, we are no longer in yesterday. The wave of the future is either in your hand right now, or somewhere within 20 feet. Technology is this generation’s contribution to the world, so let us help you contribute your ideas. From design to product placement, lets disrupt digital.

Social Media
Lets just say that Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIN and many more are planets in a universe that the folks at BigAbility have dedicated time to study. Don’t judge us, it’s our job.


Afolabi Mojibola
CCO + Co-Founder

As Chief Creative Officer, Afolabi is the agencies visionary and leads the creative and corporate aspects of BigAbility. Afolabi has worked in several professions but his unsatisfied appetite for ingenuity drove him to join forces with Femi to create BigAbility, a company that cultivates true innovation and allows the mind to roam free.

Afolabi eats, breathes, and well, lives BigAbility, but if he was not saving the world one marketing plan at a time, he would be on the beach in Florida running a surf shop.

Favorite Quote: "A Bird Sitting On A Tree Is Not Afraid Of The Branch Breaking Because His Trust Is Not On The Branch But On His Wings"
Top Item on Bucket List: To fly a plane
Alias: Ironman, @tatsndstuff


Femi Gbangbalasa
CEO + Co-Founder

As BigAbility’s Chief Executive Officer, Femi’s responsibility is to ensure that the agency operates with a high level of innovation and creativity for your viewing pleasures. Throwing conventional wisdom out the door, it is Femi as well as Afolabi’s hopes to work and create an environment where the unconventional is rewarded.

If Femi was not pursuing his passion of bringing visions to life through BigAbility, he would find a small island to rule as King or maybe just eat all day (don’t judge him).

Favorite Quote: "Either you are going to whine, or going to climb, I chose the latter"- J. Cole
Top Item on Bucket List: Skydive in Paris
Alias: King Femi, @Bamikole_


Joel Calo
TV + Online Ads

Joel is an Ivory Coast native and father of one. He is immensely passionate about videography as well as photography. In the future he hopes to own a variety of studios across the United States and worldwide. 

In his own words “videography and photography are very special and meaningful because it allows me to capture a piece of history that I can see and replay over and over again.”

Favorite Quote: “None but our selves can free our mind "- Bob Marley
Top Item on Bucket List: Owning a canon C300 MARK2 cinemas EOS


Talesha Johnson
Digital + Print

Talesha Johnson currently attends Towson University where she majors in Photography. She has shown interest and a passion in photography since the age of seven and has loved it ever since.

Talesha’s goals range from being a Portrait photographer, Fine Arts photographer, or a News photographer. In her words “To me capturing the moment is the most important part and the best part of photography! Capturing a moment you'll never see again.” 

Favorite Quote: “The ability to perceive or think differently is more important than the knowledge gained.”- David Bohm
Top Item on Bucket List: To own a gallery and studio & train people how to become photographers.